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Crop Angel specialises in the delivery of agricultural services using UAV (drone) technology.  We are focused on being one of the first companies to offer crop spraying drones within the UK.  Currently we are working in conjunction with our research partners and the required authorities to ensure the safe and beneficial deployment of this precision technology to the needs of farmers and growers.

We will soon be offering a range of services utilising the very latest in drone advancements.  Our focus is on delivering safe, legal and professional aerial applications via UAV.  Our company employs specialist staff who know drones, are certified CAA drone pilots, coming with over 40 years of farming experience having run a large precision based farm in Norfolk, East Anglia.

Our aerial applicator drone services will include:

  • Bracken control

  • Amenity area management (e.g. parks, golf courses)

  • Fruit and vegetable crop protection

  • Spot spraying (e.g. black grass)

We also offer mapping and surveying work, to find out more and see whether we can help you, please email us or come talk to us at an upcoming show.


Please note: The existing legislation does not permit the use of sprayer drones in UK airspace without special permission.  We are working to be the first to attain this status.  Trials are expected to begin this year with commercialisation in 2021.  Email us for further details.


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